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February 23, 2010


Edith Orenstein

I don't know if we'll see another "Roadmap" but Chief Accountant Jim Kroeker, in his remarks at PLI's SEC Speaks, spoke about the SEC developing a "Workplan" to address (1) "structural issues" (relating to the standard-setter and standard-setting), and (2) "transition" issues (relating to potential adoption/move to IFRS) (plusacceptability of IFRS filings to other regulators, IRS, etc. falls under one or the other of those as well). Whether the SEC will say it is still developing the "Workplan" or whether they vote today on releasing publicly the "workplan" is presumably what we'll hear on the webcast, as well as reaffirmation , presumably, of SEC's historical position (dating back thru a number of former SEC chairman) on a 'single' or 'global' set of accounting standards.


It appears that Debit Throat was correct on both counts, Tom. Nice to know you have a good source.

Independent Accountant

I wish the SEC would abandon its Quixotic quest to impose IFRS on the US. We don't need it.

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