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July 29, 2009


Independent Accountant

I go for Cieselski. I have followed him for years and think he is a straight-shooting, no nonsense kind of guy. Having attended a meeting here in Houston, in which Kroker was a panelist, I conclude he would be a horrendous choice for SEC chief accountant. Why? Having seen him respond to questions from the assembly, I concluded Kroker is hopelessly incompetent. But he's a former D&T partner. So?
What you wrote about PWC doesn't surprise me. Nor the fact that some academics think their job is to place accounting majors at the Big 87654. To that end, these "hackademics" tailor their curriculums to make the Big 87654, appear better than they are. Can you imagine any of them including Abe Briloff's stuff in a class reading list? Never.

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